It’s still fucked. I went through everything, cleared it all out and thought it was fine, but there has to be something in the database I can’t get to and repair. The hack is already recreating itself through the website again. I’m taking the site offline for now, and I’m going to see if this is savable or if I need to create a whole new site.

Seriously, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey babes, so I’ve been hacked. It happened around 1-2 am on the 26th of September… that sounds awkward. I’m half asleep. It’s 1 pm as I type this and I’ve been up the entire time trying to find a solution. Anyways, I’m talking to my hosting company to see what they can do, and I should know in 2-3 days if this can be fixed or if I’m going to have to create a new website.

I’m preparing for both potentials just in case. If it is a new website, the immediate goal would be to recreate the subscriber area and ensure members can read the content they paid for. It won’t be ‘pretty’ but I’ll be sure to have that aspect up asap.

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience and just crappiness of this. It would be less annoying if it was natural disaster related or something, but no, some people are just total dicks. Not giving up. I’ll have more news soon.


~Sadie Sins